First Aid

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First aid is the immediate care that you give someone with an illness or injury before someone with more advanced training arrives and takes over. First aid may help someone recover more completely or more quickly and may mean the difference between life and death. Most of the time, you will give first aid for minor illnesses or injuries. You may also give first aid for a more serious illness or injury, such as a heart attack or major bleeding.

This course provides a framework for learning basic skills that may save a life or prevent further injury. With the basic First Aid you will learn in this course, you could make a difference in the lives of others. You might even save a life of someone you know. This course is created for anyone who needs to learn basic first aid, including child/adult care workers, teachers, parents, grandparents and volunteer as who work with adult/children. During this course you will practice some skills. If you demonstrate that you can do the skills taught in the course, you will receive a Heartsaver for both Adult/Pediatric First Aid Card for (2 years).

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