Equal Opportunity Statement:

It is the policy of the School to afford equal employment opportunity to all individuals, regardless of race, creed, color, gender, national origin, ancestry, age, marital status, veteran status, disability, medical condition, gender, identity or sexual orientation. Our employees, as well as students and others with whom we do business, will not be subjected to sexual, racial, religious, ethnic, or any other form of unlawful harassment and/or discrimination. We are completely committed to these principles – not only because of the various laws which address these subjects – but because it is the right thing to do.


Maryland Higher Education Commission
6N. Liberty St, 10th, Floor
Baltimore, Maryland. 21201
Maryland Board of Nursing
4140 Patterson Avenue
Baltimore, Maryland. 21215-2254

There are CNA Careers that you can apply for. Join our roster of graduates and become one of the candidates for potential employment with Perpetual School of Nursing Assistant’s affiliate medical institutions and health care companies.

1734 Elton Rd, Suite 113
Silver Spring, MD 20903

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Mobile: (301) 323-3705

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